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Optical Filter>Bandpass Coating Filter

850nm bandpass filter

CCTV camera,video doorbell,surveillance camera,digital telescope,IR receiver,telemetry controls,laser rangerfinder,laser speed measurement,biological detection,projector,Fingerprint Identification System,Human Face Identification System,Barcode Scanner
Substrate:B270,Soda-lime glass,BK7

Bandpass filters are designed to isolate a region of the UV,visible,infrared spectrum. This is accomplished using a complex process of constructive and destructive interference.Band pass filters have bandwidths (measured at half-peak transmittance levels) less than 6% of the center of wavelength value.Our bandpass optical filters and narrow bandpass filters are coating on transparent optical glass or colored optical glass

CWL means center wavelength, FWHM means full width at half maximum

How to distinguish a coating side?

Part No

CWL(nm) Trans% FWHM(nm) Thickness Plot Test Data


NBF-295W11 2955 >20% 112 2.7mm
BPF-365W75 3655 >75% 757 1.1mm
NBF-555W30 5555 >80% 308 5.0mm
BPF-592W60 5925 >90% 6010 3.0mm
BPF-600 6005 >90% 4010 1.0mm
BPF-635 6355 >85% 6010 0.7mm

BPF-650 6505 >85% 7010 0.7,1.1mm

NBF-808 8085 >85% 305 0.7mm
NBF-843W30 8535 >85% 3010 0.7mm
BPF-850 8505 >80% 6010 0.7,1.1mm
NBF-853W30 8535 >80% 3010 0.55mm
BPF-850BC 8505 >85% 6010 2.0mm
BPF-850BGC 8505 >85% 6010 2.0mm
NBF-905YB 9053 >80% 205 2.6mm
BPF-905BC 9055 >85% 7010 2.0mm
BPF-940 9405 >80% 6010 0.7mm

BPF-940BGC 9405 >80% 6010 2.0mm

Sizes in Stock
Part No Size(mm) Part No Size(mm)
BPF-650 10X10X0.7 BPF-850 10X10X0.7
BPF-650 101.1 BPF-850 10X10X1.1
BPF-650 201.1 BPF-850 121.1
BPF-650 301.1 BPF-850 80X88X0.7
NBF-808 10X10X0.7 BPF-850BC 122.0
NBF-808 10X10X1.1 BPF-850BGC 122.0
BPF-905BC 8x2.0 BPF-850BGC 10X10X2.0
BPF-905BC 17.5x2.0 BPF-940 10X10X0.7
BPF-905BC 50x2.0 BPF-940BGC 10X10X2.0
NBF-843W30 10X10X0.7 BPF-940BGC 122.0
IR Filter for License Plate Recognition(LPR), Automatic number plate recognition(ANPR), Security cameras for park,traffic  system,Face Recognition system.

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