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Optical Filters>Infrared Pass Filter(NIR)

IR pass filter,black glass

Black IR Pass Filter

IR Cameras, Infrared water analyzing system,surveillance camera,night vision machine, IR Illumination
,infrared flash lamp,IR induction products
Black optical glass, Red glass,Soda-lime glass
Square Type:6mm~150mm
Round Type:6mm~150mm
IR pass filter means transmit  the IR light and blocking visible light wavelengths 400nm~700nm.Our IR pass filter is made by black or red  IR glass.The IR black glass can block visible light more  effectually .
Different  effect with IR pass filter and IR cut filter
Part No Description Thickness Plot Data Color
IPGC-600 T=50% @ 60010nm,T>90% 620~1100nm 1.1mm Red
IPG-600T1 T=50% @ 60015nm,T>85% 630~1100nm 1.0mm Red
IPG-610T2 T=50% @ 61015nm,T>85% 640~1100nm 2.0mm Red
IPG-650T2 T=50% @ 64015nm,T>85% 680~1100nm 2.0mm Red
IPG-670T2 T=50% @ 67015nm,T>85% 720~1100nm 2.0mm black
IPG-685T2 T=50% @ 68515nm,T>85% 740~1100nm 2.0mm black
IPG-700T2 T=50% @ 70015nm,T>80% 750~1100nm 2.0mm Black
IPG-700T3 T=50% @ 70015nm,T>80% 750~1100nm 3.0mm Black
IPGC-720 T=50% @ 72010nm,T>90% 750~1100nm 0.7,1.1mm Sliver
IPG-720T1.5 T=50% @ 72015nm,T>80% 770~1100nm 1.5mm Black
IPG-720T3 T=50% @ 72015nm,T>80% 770~1100nm 3.0mm Black
IPG-760T2 T=50% @ 76015nm,T>80% 800~1100nm 2.0mm Black
IPG-760T3 T=50% @ 76015nm,T>80% 800~1100nm 3.0mm Black
IPG-780T1.3 T=50% @ 78015nm,T>85% 830~1100nm 1.3mm Black
IPG-780T2 T=50% @ 78015nm,T>85% 830~1100nm 2.0mm Black
IPG-800T1 T=50% @ 80015nm,T>85% 850~1100nm 1.0mm Black
IPG-800T2 T=50% @ 80015nm,T>80% 850~1100nm 2.0mm Black
IPG-830T2 T=50% @ 83015nm,T>85% 880~1100nm 2.0mm Black
IPG-850T1 T=50% @ 85015nm,T>85%900~1100nm 1.0mm Black
IPG-850T1.3 T=50% @ 85015nm,T>85%900~1100nm 1.3mm Black
IPG-850T2 T=50% @ 85015nm,T>80%900~1100nm 2.0mm Black

T=50%@ 85015nm,T>80% 900~1100nm

3.0mm Black
All IPG series IR filters are made by color glass.All IPGC series are coating filter.They can effectually block visible light and pass near infrared light.Custom design size available.Stock sizes pls see as below.

Sizes in stock

Part No Size(mm) Part No Size(mm)
IPG-780 12x1.3mm IPG-800 8.8X8.2X1.15mm
IPG-800 17.5x1.0mm IPG-800 10X10X1.3mm
IPG-830 10X10X1.3mm IPG-850 12X12X1.3mm
IPG-850 10X10X1.3mm IPG-850 12x1.3mm

Part No comparison with Schott and HOYA

IPG-650 R-66
IPG-685 R-68
IPG-700 RG695 R-70
IPG-720 RG715 R-72
IPG-760 IR-76
IPG-800 IR-80
IPG-830 RG830 IR-83
IPG-850 IR-85
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