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Optical Filter> Polarizer Filter

Polarizer,polarizing filter

Substrate:Colored glass
Function:Eliminate or weaken reflect light and glare
Working Temperature:-10~55
Relative Humidity: <85%
Name Part No Characteristic Thickness Photo
Linear Polarizer PL Transmission:41.5%,Extinction:99.8 % 2.4mm

Circular  Polarizer

CPL Transmission:30.0%,Extinction:99.9 % 2.4mm

Polarizer,also called polarizing filter,abbreviation of PL.It includes Linear Polarizer and Circular  Polarizer.An absorptive polarizer filters out the unwanted beams by absorbing them, and leaves behind just the desirable ones. The most common type of absorptive filter is a wire grid, which allows only a single type of beam to pass through.
Polarizers are most useful for increasing general outdoor color saturation and contrast.

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