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Optical Filters>UV IR Cut Filter (UV IR filter)

UV IR cut filter,UV/IR filter,UV IR blocking filter


CMOS digital cameras, high intensity TV, projectors, theatre lighting and shop window displays.
Substrate:Soda Lime Glass
Round Type:φ5~φ100mm
Squarte Type:10mm~150mm
Surface Quality
Part No Description Thickness

Max Size

Plot Test Data
UIBG-400740 T=50% at 400,740\10nm 1.1mm  
UIBG-500725 T=50% at 500,725\10nm 1.1mm  
UV-IR Filter has a good usage of blocking UV and IR energy to prevent the sensor machine systems and components from damages. It allows good transmission of visible light without interfering the illumination of the light source. It is quite applicable to the digital projector system.

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