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Optical Filters>Color Filters
Coating Color Filter


Digital camera,projector,Stage lighting,photography equipment
Soda Lime glass
Surface Quality
Custom design dimension available
Part No Description Thickness Max Size Plot
RRH-650   0.7,1.1mm 81X81mm
GRB-532   0.7,1.1mm 81X81mm
BRL-470   0.7,1.1mm 81X81mm
The Visible Spectrum has no clear boundaries from one color to the next but is generally described in the following ranges:
Violet 380-450nm  Blue 450-495nm Green 495-570nm
Yellow 570-590nm
Orange 590-620nm Red 620-750nm
Absorbing Type Color Filter

Digital camera,projector,Stage lighting
photography equipment
Substrate:colored glass
Recommendation:Optical Spectrogram
Part No Description Thickness Plot


PA-B1   2mm purple
YA-420T3 T=50% @ 420\15nm,T>80% 460~1100nm 3mm Yellow
YA-450T2 T=50% @ 450\15nm,T>85% 480~1100nm 2mm Yellow
YA-490T2 T=50% @ 490\15nm,T>85% 520~1100nm 2mm Yellow
YA-510T2 T=50% @ 510\15nm,T>85% 540~1100nm 2mm Yellow
RA-550T2 T=50% @ 550\15nm,T>85% 580~1100nm 2mm Red
RA-565T2 T=50% @ 565\15nm,T>85% 600~1100nm 2mm Red
RA-580T1 T=50% @ 580\15nm,T>85% 600~1100nm 1mm Red
RA-580T2 T=50% @ 580\15nm,T>85% 610~1100nm 2mm Red
IPG-600T1 T=50% @ 600\15nm,T>85% 630~1100nm 1mm Red
IPG-610T2 T=50% @ 610\15nm,T>85% 640~1100nm 2mm Red

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