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 1.Bandpass Filter(BPF)
 2.Biomedical Filter
 3.Fluorescence Filter
 4.IR Pass Filter(NIR)
 5.Plastic IR Filter
 6.IR Blocking Filter(ICF)
 7.OLPF Filter(crystal)
 8.IPL Filter
 9.Grating new!
 10.Reflector/ Mirror
 11.Beam Splitter Plate
 13.Optical Windows
 14.Reticle new!
 15.Dichroic Filter/Coating
 16.Color Filter
 17.Neutral Density Filter(NDF)
 18.UV Blocking Filter
 19.UV IR Cut Filter
 20.UV Pass Filter
 21.UV Bandpass Filter
 22.Hot/Cold Mirror
 23.Blue Glass
 24.Optical Prism

 Accute Optical Technology Co. Ltd, founded in 2007,is designing and marketing of optical coating filters,windows,beam splitter, mirrors from UV wavelength to near IR wavelength. They're widely used on digital cameras, electronic microscope,Biomedical instrumentation,Fluorescence analyzer,IR detector,IPL machines, remote controller,our products include as below:
Your best source for OLPF Filter
IR Blocking Filter,IR Filter,UV Filter
  1.Bandpass Optical Filter(600,635,650,808,850,905,940nm) and IR bandpass Filter (850,940nm)
  2.Biomedical Filter(450,470,510,530,590,620,630nm)
  3.Fluorescence Filter(450,520,590,620,630nm)
  4.IR Pass Filter(IR Filter,780,800,850,940nm)
  5.Cast Plastic IR FilterIR Cutting Filter
  6.IR Blocking Filter(640,650,680,690,730nm) 
  7.OLPF Filter (day type and D/N type,850nm,940nm).
  8.IPL Filter and IPL light guide for IPL system
  9.Reflective Mirror
10.Beam Splitter Plate(beam-splitter mirror) (visible wavelength and IR wavelength) 
11.Reflective Dichroic Filter (RGB)
12.Color filter(Red,green,blue,RGB)
13.Neutral Density Filter(NDF,CVND,LVND)
14.UV Blocking Filter Filter(380,400,420,500)  
15.UV & IR Cutting Filter
16.UV Pass Filter
17.UV Bandpass Filter
18.Hot mirror and cold mirror
19.Bule Glass(Absorbable)
      With many experienced engineers and operators, we have been professionally focused to design and manufacture high performance optical filters & films since the foundation.Cusotm design available. We have achieved ISO9001.All products RoHS compliant. Capacity of one month is 1000kpcs.
      With strong quality control system, we have supplied high quality products to worldwide customers and enjoyed a great reputation.Fast delivery, cost competitive products. Fast delivery,quanlity guaranteed and small order acceptable.
   For more info about us,pls contact us today.
Cast IR plastic filter,plastic IR pass filter bandpass filter IR bandpass filter for LPR IR pass filter,black glass
Plastic Cast IR Filter Bandpass Filter IR Filter for LPR IR Pass Filter 
OLPF filter,optical lowpass filter IR cut filter,IR blocking filter,IR cut off filter UV cut filter,UV blocking filter UV bandpass filter
OLPF Filter IR Cut Filter UV Cut Filter UV Bandpass Filter
beam splitter dichroic filter,dichroic coating IPL filter color filter
Beam Splitter Plate Dichroic Filter IPL Filter Color Filter



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