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Why do you need to use IR Cut Filter?

In the image light route, filter has the other most important purpose besides of color saturation and prepare.
IR CUT FILTER always means our protected Oculars actually, it used to protect CCD/CMOS image sensor organ from attainted by the bad rays. For example, when our eyes do not wear the protected Oculars, I believe the flavor that clap eyes on sun's rays directly can be realized by everybody. But the reaction of CCD/CMOS image sensor organ has more intensity than people, no more than it cannot radiate pain nothing more.
Under the daily rays, there are so many infrared rays existed, no more than our eyes has protected retina film to make insulation and bar, so that will be not discovered.
CCD/CMOS image sensor organ is a exact device consist of many thousands photosensitive components, can not stand up to the irradiation of bad rays. So it's easy to lead to the vision picture has dark signet or dispel focus.
I suggest you'd better don't give up to using the IR-cut filter for temporarily advantage. Because the damage that worked would be so severity.
The explanations of specialty glossary are so miscellaneous, so we try to indicate this content by right of the exoteric comparison. If there have being any mistake in this article, we beg your pardon and hope you can give us some relevance suggestions.

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